Generate Leads and Stay Connected to Customers with DmPro Intelligent story and feed scheduling


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{{ activeModule('growth') ? ('SIGNUP_BODY_BLOB1' | translate ): activeModule('dm') ? "DM each new follower, existing followers, people who use certain hashtags, or followers of competitor accounts" : activeModule('scheduler') ? "Schedule feed posts to Instagram from any device! (Mac- Windows XP/7/Vista/8/10 – Linux – Android, iPhone, etc.)": "" }}

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{{ activeModule('growth') ? ('SIGNUP_BODY_BLOB2' | translate ): activeModule('dm') ? "Randomize and optimize your message using variable text snippets so you don’t repeat the same message over and over." : activeModule('scheduler') ? "Schedule Stories to Instagram using all the editor features of Instagram… and more." : ""}}

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{{ activeModule('growth') ? ('SIGNUP_BODY_BLOB3' | translate ): activeModule('dm') ? "Connect your DM to your Email account to recieve and respond the DMs in and from your Email account using custom subject lines." : activeModule('scheduler') ? "If you are running more than 1 Instagram account, you can schedule posts for all of them in one panel!" :" " }}

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{{ activeModule('growth') ? ('SIGNUP_BODY_BLOB4' | translate ): activeModule('dm') ? "Reply, organize, delete and filter Direct Messages from the convenience of your PC, or desktop or even mobile browser." : activeModule('scheduler') ? "Repost based on Hashtag, Location, or even a competitor or influencer account!" : ""}}

Upload Custom Lists

Upload a custom list of instagram accounts for outbound DMs.

DM via Multiple IGs

Manage multiple Instagram accounts from your one single dashboard on DmPro, each with different message templates.

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{{ activeModule('growth') ? ('SIGNUP_BODY_BLOB5' | translate): activeModule('scheduler') ? "Configure posts to be removed from your feed based on an exact time." :"" }}

Respond to Comments Automatically

Create a standard greeting or set of comments and let AiSchedul do the replies for you

Search and Drop Hashtags

Looking for popular hashtags? Use the built-in hashtag researcher to get more ideas and the usage rates. Then click and drop them into your caption.


Tag your friends and family in your post. Geo-tag your location as well.

Boost Engagement

Join an engagement group and have hundreds of like minded marketers like or comment on your post.

Schedule Videos

Upload video to the schedule, with editing features (accepted formats: mp4, WebM, and Ogg)

Schedule Multi-Part Content

Post galleries with multiple photos and videos.

Link Your URL in Stories

Do you want to use the SWIPE UP feature as well? Just put the link in the scheduled story
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